Tea uploads

I’ve uploaded new tea drawings to my blog, http://www.everycupofteaieverhad.wordpress.com. These ones are from the coronavirus lockdown.

I have been drawing cups of tea for quite some time now. I first started maybe as long as 25 years ago. I have been recording them properly since about 2009.

The first set I made were on separate pieces of paper (about a6) and I drew every cup of tea I drank for about 3 and a half years. These are all recorded on a separate website. The next set was in 2015 for a few months, then again in 2016-17 while I was on maternity leave with my second child (at this point I switched to working in a6 sketchbooks). Then for a few months in 2018, and then it seemed right to start again when the lockdown began.

I start a new set when I feel like doing it, and when I don’t feel like doing it any more, I stop.

People ask me if it is annoying to have to draw my cups of tea all the time, or if I deliberately don’t drink cups of tea so I don’t have to draw them. Well, I am quite a fan of drawing, and I also love drinking tea, so it is never a burden.

As you can see from the blog, there are quite a few gaps in the drawings that need to be uploaded. It is one of my lockdown aims to get them all on the site.

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